Obtain A Coupon To Redeem Your Offer Through Tom’s Urban Customer Feedback Survey

www.telltom.net - Obtain A Coupon To Redeem Your Offer Through Tom's Urban Customer Feedback Survey

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    No matter where you are, if you follow your nose and your curiosity to the out-of-the-way places in any city in the world, you’ll find food that will make your eyes pop out of their sockets, your mouth water and your fingers messy. A good time awaits you at Tom’s Urban. Bring your friends to share the mix of epic cocktails and foods. Now if you’d like to spare a few seconds to complete Tom’s Urban customer feedback survey, you’d instantly get a coupon to redeem your offer. So come and sit down to make Tom’s Urban your first, next, and last place to meet, eat and drink.


    • No special rules applied, just remember to print the coupon from your browser's print menu options and present to your server to redeem the offer.


    1. Click "Go to Win" to enter the survey page.
    2. Rate your satisfaction and provide your feedback in the survey.
    3. Provide your contact information at the end of the survey to get the coupon.