Obtain A Coupon To Redeem An Offer Through Friendly’s Customer Survey

Obtain A Coupon To Redeem An Offer Through Friendly's Customer Survey

PrizeA coupon to redeem the offer printed on the receipt of Friendly's

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    Most of us take ice cream as after-meal dessert, however, it is the lunch or dinner for some people. You are not that kind of person? Maybe because you haven’t yet come to Friendly’s, a restaurant building up its reputation for ice cream, like the cone head, a wizard with Reese’s Pieces for eyes. Don’t forget to bring a coupon to redeem your free gift in the restaurant. Friendly’s is full of surprises like this. To get the free coupon, read the “How-to” guide below. It’s quite simple and easy for such a free cool offer.


    • In order to receive your coupon, you must be using a computer that is connected to a working printer. You will not be able to save or e-mail the coupon for printing later.


    1. Hit the "Go to Win" button to access the survey page.
    2. Provide the 14-digit survey code to enter the survey.
    3. Upon completion, you will see your coupon.