Get Your Validation Code To Redeem A Free Offer Through The PetSmart Charities Adoption Survey

Get Your Validation Code To Redeem The Offer On The Receipt Through The PetSmart Adoption Survey

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    If you keep a pet, be it a dog, a cat or a bird, you will know these little fellows need food, toys, grooming, care and training just as humans do. To lend you a helping hand, PetSmart will give you a free gift once you complete the PetSmart Adoption Survey. Browse through the specialty pet supplies and services at PetSmart and bring home your free gift. If your are considering getting a company for your pet at home, then adopting another cute animal from PetSmart could be a nice option. Anyway, if you have an interest in redeeming your free gift, follow the “How-to” section below.

    Rules: You may write your validation code on your receipt and the offer can be redeemed on your next visit. Please remember to bring the receipt and the code with you.


    1. Use the "Go to Win" button to be navigated to the survey page.
    2. Follow the instructions to take the survey.
    3. Upon completion, you will see your validation code on your screen.