Receive A Validation Code From Pal’s Through Pal’s Customer Survey To Redeem A Free Offer


PrizeA validation code to redeem an offer from Pal's

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    Nutritionists always say fast food is not healthy and in no way would help keep fit. We all know that, but every now and then, we still get the urge to grab a double cheese burger and have a mouthful of French Fries. Oh, don’t forget Coke. In case you crave fast food so much as I do sometimes, here SavingSecrets introduces you a chance to receive a free offer from Pal’s , a regional fast food chain. Spare several minutes and take the Pal’s Customer Survey. Upon completion, you will get a validation code good for a special offer.

    Rules: When you get your validation code, please write the code on your original receipt and bring it back to Pal's during your next visit with a purchase.


    1. Hit the "Go to Win" button to access the survey page.
    2. Provide the 17-digit survey code you can find on your receipt to enter the survey.
    3. Follow the steps to take the survey.
    4. Upon completion, you will see your validation code.