Win A Ultimate Bee-Ginner’s Kit And Other Prizes Worth $1628 From Mother Earth News Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Giveaway Sweepstakes - Win A Ultimate Bee-Ginner's Kit And Other Prizes Worth $1628 From Mother Earth News Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Giveaway Sweepstakes

PrizeA ultimate bee-ginner's kitOne grand prize worth $1628

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    Have you got the experience of getting stung by the bees? Are you racking your brains to find a way from getting stung in the bee farm? Register Mother Earth News and you may get the chance to win the ultimate bee-ginner’s kit from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, which can truly serve as your salvation. Beside the ultimate bee-ginner’s kit, one grand prize could also be won! The prize lists include the followings:

    • 8-Frame Ultimate Hive Stand with Frame Perch
    • 8-Frame Hive Stand
    • 8-Frame IPM Bottom Board
    • 8-Frame Assembled Garden Hive Super
    • Empty Assembled 6-1/4 Grooved/Grooved Frames
    • 5-5/8 No Hook Crimp Wire Foundation
    • 8-Frame Metal Excluder
    • 8-Frame Inner Cover
    • 8-Frame Garden Copper Top
    • 8-Frame Entrance Reducer
    • Folding Hatless Veil
    • Plastic Coated Gloves
    • Brushy Mountain Smoker
    • 1-pound Premier Smoker Fuel
    • 10-inch Hive Tool
    • Frame Grip
    • Bee Brush
    • 8-Frame Escape Screen
    • Cold Knife
    • Cappings Scratcher
    • Multi-Use Straining System
    • Multi-Use Straining System Upper Unit
    • Multi-Use Straining System Lower Unit
    • Multi-Use Straining System Screen
    • Plastic Gate
    • Cross Bar for Multi-Use Straining System
    • Multi-Use Nylon Filter
    • Compact Extractor
    • 5-Gallon Filtering System
    • 5-Gallon Bottling Unit
    • 600-Micron Coarse Filter
    • 400-Micron Medium Filter
    • 200-Micron Fine Filter
    • Plastic Gate
    • 5-Gallon pail Lid
    • Backyard Beekeeper Book
    • Bee Culture Subscription
    • English Garden Hive DVD
    • Online Beginner’s Class CD
    • Master Beekeeper Suit
    • Clear Vue Hat Veil Combo
    • Cowhide Ventilated Glove

    Winner will be randomly selected on or about December 22, 2015 and will be notified by email.



    1. Click the "Go to Win" button to enter the sweepstakes page.
    2. Complete the required basic information.
    3. Press the "Submit" button to win a ultimate bee-ginner's kit and the $1628 grand prize.