Win Free Supply Of Zingers For A Year In The Miller’s Ale House Customer Survey Sweepstakes

Win Free Supply Of Zingers For A Year In The Miller's Ale House Customer Survey Sweepstakes

PrizeFree Zingers for a year

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    Nothing tastes better than free food. When you have a sudden crave for something sweet or need to get a quick supply of calories, the tasty cake of Zingers is what you would want. Most of the time, people tend to keep a safe distance with this kind of high-calorie food, but they all know how much they favor this snack. Ale House understands this hidden desire, so it offers free Zingers for a year for winners in the Ale House Customer Survey Sweepstakes. With just 3 minutes of completing the Ale House Customer Survey, you can grab this delicious chance to win. Ale House will contact winners through telephone, so make sure you provide the correct phone number.


    1. Get started by clicking on the "Go to Win" button. You will be redirected to the Ale House Customer Survey.
    2. Follow the instructions and answer survey questions.
    3. Near the end of the survey, offer your name and phone number to get enrolled in the sweepstakes.