Get Great Prize Valued Up To $90000 In The Wheel Of Fortune Secreat Santa Sweepstakes


PrizeFirst Prize - valued from $1000 to $90000

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    Sit at home, watch the Wheel of Fortune and get the same prize as the contestants win in the show? You can do this and I’m serious. For Wheel Watcher Club members, you will get automatically entered into the Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa SPIN ID sweepstakes and selected winners would get whatever the contestant wins. Prize may come in as cash, gift cards, merchandise, trips, cars or other items awarded on the show. There is one First Prize winners, one Second Prize winner and one Third Prize winner for each of the ten shows during the sweepstakes period.

    You need to do basically nothing, just watch others fighting hard on the stage for you. To express the gratefulness, let’s call them the Santa of the new century. This is why the sweepstakes’ is named as Secret Santa Sweepstakes.


    • You need to be legal US resident at least 18 years of age and an active member of the Wheel Watchers Club for entry. To be active, just log into your account every six months.
    • Potential winners must verify their SPIN ID online.
    • Confirmed winners will get notification by phone call.


    1. If you are a Wheel Watcher Club member, then congratulations, you already get entered into the sweepstakes. For those who haven't register, please do it now.
    2. Stay tuned for the Wheel of Fortune Monday to Friday, December 8-19. If you hear or see your SPIN ID during the show, you are a potential winner.
    3. Lucky potential winner should verify their ID at within 24 hours of the show's airing.
    4. After verification, you are pretty much done with your part. Wait to be notified.