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    If you have seen how hard the contestant struggled with those word puzzles to get a chance for big prizes on Wheel of Fortune, you will know what an easy way this is to win $5000 with your Wheel Watchers Club membership. The registration is free, with no limitation and only requires some basic information of yours. Once enrolled in the Wheel Watchers Club, you could participate in the Wheel Watchers Club SPIN ID $5K Every Day Cash Giveaway. Every weeknight, one lucky member will be selected and announced in the show on air. Maybe your are the next lucky guy. One little tip for you, log into your account at least once to activate your membership.


    • To participate, you must be a legal resident of the  U.S. and at least 18 years of age.
    • You need to be a Wheel Watcher Club member and use your SPIN ID to play. This means sign up now, or you will miss the chance.
    • This sweepstakes is only accessible online. So make sure your internet connection is ready.
    • There is a limitation of one prize per household per 30-day period during the entire sweepstakes.
    • If you have any other questions, check the Wheel Watchers Club SPIN ID $5K Every Day Cash Giveaway Official Rules.


    1. Click the "Go to Win" button to get started.
    2. On the sweepstakes page, roll down a little and you will find a "How To Play" section. Click on "Join Now" button to register for Wheel Watchers Club.
    3. Now that you have your membership and SPIN ID, just remember to look for your SPIN ID during each show of Wheel of Fortune. They will reveal one winner every weeknight.
    4. If you see or hear your SPIN ID announced in the show, sign into your account within 24 hours to verify your SPIN ID and identity.
    5. Wait for the phone call notification and your big prize.