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  • Sign up for a new email address to use when you claim the freebies for the purpose of avoiding unwanted email offers spamming the inbox of your normal email address.
  • When fill in the forms, uncheck the optional box where the company offers to send you email notifications about their promotions.
  • Unless required, do not give your real phone number when claiming the offers.
  • Make sure the offer is available in your area.
  • Use your browser’s Autofill feature to fill in the forms quickly.


When will I receive freebies?

Most companies will tell you when you will receive your freebies after you submit your request. Normally it takes weeks or even months for the free offers to come, depending on the amount of requests and the shipping method.

Does Savingsecrets give away freebies?

Currently Savingsecrets does not send or mail out any freebie in any way whatsoever and is not associated with any company or website giving away freebies.