Win $500 And New York Lottery Slingo Lottery Challenge Scratch-Off Tickets In The Slingo Lottery Challenge Sweepstakes

Slingo Lottery challenge

Prize$500 and New York Lottery $3 SLINGO LOTTERY CHALLENGE TICKETS Scratch-off tickets

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    Drop your computer game and take a look at this one. The gamer who can stay on the  final leatherboard for the Slingo Lottery Challenge mobile game will enter the Hall of Fame on the leatherboard page. That is not all the story, if you enter the bonus code and play the game, you will be entered into the Slingo Lottery Challenge sweepsstakes and get the chance to win $500 cash and more chances to play the game and enter the sweepstakes.


    • As long as you have the New York Lottery SLINGO LOTTERY CHALLENGE Scratch-off ticket and are over the age of 18 years, you are eligible to enter the sweepstakes.
    • You can only win one sweepstakes prize.
    • Check the Slingo Lottery Challenge Sweepstakes official rules for the winner list and more.


    • You need to buy the scratch-off tickets on which there are the bonus code before you enter the sweepstakes.
    • Download the SLINGO LOTTERY CHALLENGE mobile application available on Android and iOS platform.
    • Enter your bonus code in the game and start playing the game.
    • Each code you enter will make you receive an entry into the sweepstakes.