How To Design Survey Sweepstakes Entry Form & Classic Sweepstakes Entry Form

Survey Sweepstakes Entry Form & Classic Sweepstakes Entry Form

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    How to design a fancy sweepstakes entry form that catches users’ eyeballs while presenting the information needed by both sides? You must be troubled by the complex process. Here is your solution:

    Survey Sweepstakes Entry Form:

    Firstly, as the sponsor of the survey sweepstakes, you must present your honesty and appreciation of your customers’ help in the survey.   An example lists as follow:
    xxx Shopping Experience Survey:
    Thank you for visiting us. We’d like to hear about your xxx shopping experience. Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey. Your honest feedback will help us continue to bring you the products and services that best suit your needs. For your time, you will receive a $10 reward card to be used on your next $50+ retail store purchase. The reward card will be emailed to you within 5-7 business days.
    You may add your prize and notification information at the very first.

    Secondly, you may require your customers to choose the store they have visited and/or enter the number located at the TOP of your purchase receipt like:
    Please select xxx retail store that you last shopped:
    Please enter the ticket# located at the TOP of your purchase receipt:

    Thirdly, The third step is the most important part of your survey. You may design all the questions aiming at collecting customers’ suggestions. You may ask questions about customers’ opinions about your store ranging from the products to service contained in the whole process of shopping, dining or something else. Generally, the closed question is more preferred because customers are more likely to click the button to say yes or no to answer your questions rather than the open question which calls for customers’ patience to complete. Those questions are mainly about how customers feel about your store or service by rating through those closed questions. The open question is more specific aimed at getting the very answer you want to know.

    Fourthly, in the end of the survey, you may insert some questions asking about customers’ contact information in the form of a template generally, containing name, address, phone number, zip code and so on. If you want to add more, you could invite customers to join to be the member of your store or like your Facebook page. Of course, that’s optional. Last but not least, you need to reclaimed it is a prize giving programs by presenting your prizes and thanks to your customers. That’s the core.

    Classic Sweepstakes:
    The sweepstakes is more simple. You just need to display your prize and thanks at the very first just like in the survey sweepstakes. Then you invite your customers to fill in the entry form by providing their contact information in the case of notification. Customers just need to complete the entry form and press the “Submit” button to be entered into the sweepstakes to win the prize(s).


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