Four Free Contest Templates You Can’t Miss For Social Media Promotion


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    Social media promotion is a popular way among companies to attract customers. It’s a quick and effective way to the followers into sales and profits. But how to increase the number of your fans? You know what? People love getting something for nothing . Who can resist the charm of money and gifts? So companies are all giving away cash, gift cards, tickets and so on to their loyal customers by conducting a contest or sweepstakes. The important role the contest plays in the process can’t be despised. Here comes the question, do you know how many types of contests may be included in the social media promotion? In fact, these companies are using templates to design their contest. All together there are general four types of contest templates to build a social media contest.

    1. Vote to enter the sweepstakes template
      It is a way of promoting your new products. The company may display their products and service at the online page and ask customers to vote for them. Or there is another way. They may invite customers to upload their own content like photos or videos to be voted by others and initiate a contest to draw the winners who would receive a big prize offered by the company. This kind of contest usually works a lot because people would like to present their masterpiece in front of others.
    2. Quiz and survey template
      It is may be the most common and simple one, the company just present some easy questions concerned with their company or some common sense. Once the customers complete those questions, they will be entered into the contest to win prize(s). Usually, the survey takes no longer than 5 minutes and the questions basically closed question easy to answer. In the whole process, the company could get a general understanding of how well their company runs. The customers could also win or get prizes through the contest. The win-win principle is well applied here.
    3. Extra entry points contest template
      The kind of contest is designed to dig more about customers’ information like contact information. Customers would be entered into an extra entry points contest to win more prizes.
    4. Refer-a-friend contest template
      This is a good way of increase fans number. The company adopts this way to let customers to share the promotions with their friends by rewarding you with an extra points or another chance of winning the final big prize.

    In fact, there are more types of  contest templates awaited to be created. Ready to start creating your own? Just click “Go to Win” to download a free contest template to customize your own one.


    • Click "Go to Win" to download a free contest template and refine it for your own use.