Enjoy 4 Free Skin Care Products From Cremo After Rebate

Enjoy 4 Free Skin Care Products From Cremo After Rebate

FreebieFree men's shaving cream, face wash, moisture and lady's shaving cream from Cremo

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    Cremo works with experts who have experience in world-class, high-end cosmetics companies to develop skincare products that target specific effects. The company is trying to reach the most people by giving 100% rebate on its 4 products: men’s shaving cream, face wash, moisture and women’s shaving cream. Cremo could do so because it’s confident that once your try the products, you will see improvement on your skin and come back for more. Grab the chance to try Cremo products, which will be free after rebate.


    1. Purchases must be made at a retail location to receive rebate. Online orders are NOT valid for rebates.
    2. Limit to only one rebate per product per person per address. For example: the same person can enjoy one rebate for one Shave Cream and one rebate for one Face Wash: not two rebates for two Shave Creams.
    3. The 4 skincare products from Cremo company that are eligible for rebates are widely available in Walmart, Walgreens and many other easy-access stores. Check here for a full list of retailers.


    1. Purchase the Cremo skincare products in a retailer store. Eligible products include: men's shaving cream, men's face wash, men's moisture and women's shaving cream. Keep the receipt.
    2. Click on the "Redeem Now" button above to visit the rebate application page.
    3. Fill out the rebate application form and print it out.
    4. Mail the printed rebate form to the address on that same form along with your original receipt. Rebate will come in as a check.