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    Find the very voucher template you are in need of to perfect or download here.

    How dirty money is! But people love it to heaven! Many may ask if there is any substitute. You may find the answer if you use vouchers. Then question again! What’s good about vouchers? Scroll down your mouse to see the details and you will save not a small amount of money if you know how to use vouchers!

    A voucher is a piece of paper possessing monetary value and usually used under specific occasions. A common voucher consists of the following contents: title, date, time, voucher number, name of issuer, validity date, amount of discount or the money paid and so on. With so much information on it, a decent voucher template may do you a great favor on designing it. Here are five categories of voucher templates. You gotta love them.

    • Cash Voucher Template
      A cash voucher is a piece of paper that can be used to purchase goods and cash will be paid by the person in some dates in future. The cash voucher usually includes the information about the purpose of the voucher, name of the recipient and issuer, date of payment, amount that the voucher was issued and so on. A cash voucher template will be helpful for companies to print their own while ongoing their business and endow the right to the company’s holders to obtain the set amount of cash money with the specific goods or service offered by them.
    • Payment Voucher Template
      A payment voucher is a document with the purpose of ensuring that the certain amount of money has been paid. Companies, stores, institutes or organizations regard the payment voucher as an official and reliable proof with the record of payment they have made and the outflow of money will be easy to follow up. Besides, individuals can also design their own payment voucher according to the templates provided to conduct financial transactions.
    • Gift Voucher Template
      As a substitution of specific presentation, a gift voucher is an excellent option for you, especially when you are always in two minds on purchasing the gift. Contents of a gift voucher usually include recipient’s name, issuer’s name, monetary value, validity of date, shopping place and so on. The popularity of gift voucher in recent years has forged an increasing number of companies to lay more stress on it. A standard gift voucher supports those company owners to customize their own gift vouchers and individuals to have a fair understanding of gift voucher and use it with facility.
    • Discount Voucher Template
      A discount voucher is issued by sellers to their customers with certain amount of discounts, validity of date and other information. It bears merits to both customers and companies. To the former, a discount voucher can save themselves a packet when they are having a shopping spree. And the latter always treat it as a way of publication for they know clearly that discount will always be popular.


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