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Eight Steps To Tackle The Money-Saving Process"
Part 1: Do You REALLY Want To Save More Money?Asking the question if you really want to save more money may seem a little absurd, especially since everyone probably wants to increase their savings account and have more money to spend. Less debt and more savings sounds like the best of both worlds, right?

The reason I'm asking if you REALLY want to save more money is to assist you in determining how sincere and motivated you are towards this upcoming endeavor.
Sure it's easy to proclaim your desire to save more money. That's the simple part. Anyone can shout out "I'm going to save more money!" or "I'm going to lose 40 pounds!" or "I want to be a millionaire!"
Where was the difficulty in making those statements?
Simply vocalizing your intentions is one thing however actually accomplishing these tasks is a completely different story and here's where my question comes into play: Do you REALLY want to save more money?
If you are able to answer with a confident, definite YES, congratulations! You have taken the first step in accomplishing this intimidating task.
Granted this is probably the easiest part of the entire budgeting process, nevertheless the role it plays in your effort is crucial. Put it this way, without fully commiting yourself to this task, how can you expect to have any success? You won't, and your efforts will be short lived. This is something you definitely do not want to happen.
Over the next week, take the time to decide if you are truly ready to effectively tackle the money saving process. Remember, this exercise will be like any other hobby or new undertaking. You will need to put some time and energy into this task in order to be successful.
Just as you can't learn to play the piano or learn how to paint without putting the time in to practice, same goes for the money-saving process. Remember that in order to reach your financial goals, you will need to devote some serious time to accomplish what you are seeking.
Granted the amount of time you'll need all depends on the degree of importance this plays in your life. Still understand that success comes only after devotion to the task.
Hopefully this has helped you come to realize that budgeting and saving are serious tasks that are vital to your family's financial future. It is now time to prepare yourself to accomplish this extremely important task.
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