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When you glance over there are normally many questions that still need to be answered by confused subscribers.  I checked out the site to review my account and possibly downgrade from the $99 plan with unlimited anytime minutes and was alarmed they did not explain things better.  Sprint assumes you know everything and does not bother to explain in the terms or in print big enough for anyone to consume with their brain.

The Simply Everything $99 plan gives you unlimited calls to everyone no matter what time of the day and no costly minutes added for talking too long.  It's Simple because you do not have to worry about times or minutes used.  No need to sign into the website or check minutes. This is the perfect plan to have for most people who spend quite a bit of time talking on the phone to family, friends, work, or even those dreadful customer service phone calls.  Some calls to the cable or *cough* phone company.. take up lots of minutes (Sprint exempt from that of course)!

With all of the Everything Data plans you get free roaming in the United States, Free Nights and Weekends, and Unlimited Texts.  Free Nights and Weekends means you get unlimited calling after 7pm (6pm if you pay an extra $10 a month) to anyone anywhere Nationwide. 

If you are like me then you text message most of the time so they have the messaging plans where you get no data but all messaging and voice.  Rarely do I call anyone unless I have to because I like typing in the message and not having to deal with trying to get off the phone with people.  I considered the Everything Messaging 900 plan which gives you 900 Anytime Minutes, then it is free on nights and weekends with unlimited text messaging all the time for $69.99 a month.  It does not however include the mobile to mobile freedom you get with the other $69 plan.

The Everything Data 450 at $69.99, brings you the freedom to call any of your friends on mobile phones regardless of the carrier.  So that means you can be on a Sprint phone call your buddy on a AT&T phone and talk for 4 hours and not care about minutes used.  They are free and are included with the plan which do not take away from those 450 minutes.  You then have 450 minutes to use for landline calls!

The majority of us think we may need the $99 plan but all we really need is 450 or so anytime minutes to a landline (or less) and unlimited minutes to other cell phones and unlimited text messages.  There you have the Everything Data 450 plan at a $30 a month savings!

One thing to keep in mind with Sprint is that they do not have rollover minutes.  AT&T has rollover minutes but they do not allow you to talk to out of network mobile phones without using your anytime minutes the same way Sprint does.  AT&T is normally higher but you get the selection of the iPhone which proved better than the Palm Pre in tests I conducted.  Sprint options also include Blackberry and Samsung Instinct if you must have a smart phone.  Notebook cards with Sprint run around $59.99 a month for unlimited usage and they are well worth it.  Their 3G network speeds do well and with the new 4G network cards it will be even grander!

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